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EPE retaining edge

  The product has high flexibility, toughness; have good seismic performance, Waterproof, moisture-proof; the surface of soft, lightweight and practical, is now widely used in furniture, tables and chairs, door edge protection, etc..

  EPE surface soft, white, beautiful, with light weight, heat insulation, shock-proof, corrosion resistance, add-static agent pink EPE, also has significant anti-static function, because of their light weight makes packaging products greatly reduce transportation costs, the current EPE has been environmental protection are ideal for export packaging material. Are widely used in stone, furniture and food packaging; for the Working Capital me internal shockproof, substantial flexibility for handbags luggage linings, industrial production of sound insulation, insulation materials, thermal insulation material of agricultural, aquaculture floating equipment, protective sports pad, water operating lifesaving equipment, home, guest houses, the floor decoration, cushions and so on.Pipe for its substantial air conditioning, baby stroller, children's toys, sports equipment, furniture, etc. protection.
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